Long Walk, Ethiopian  Single Origin  Sidamo 250g

Long Walk, Ethiopian Single Origin Sidamo 250g

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Our Ethiopian Coffee Is from the Sidama Region 

Process :- Washed 

Altitude :- 1500-2200m Above Sea Level 

This Light Roast Coffee is Full of sweetness and Fruity acidity. 

We love it brewed using a filter like a V60, as Espresso it suits short drinks like Flat white and Cappuccino. 

All our stocked Long Walk Coffee is rested for 2 weeks Prior to sale.

if you would like hyper fresh please ask and we can add onto our next roast run.

we roast on a Monday so you can be sure that you always have great fresh coffee available.

our coffee is roasted light/medium and sold as beans. 
The reason we don’t sell ground coffee is we know it loses its qualities to quickly so you are buying a product which won’t last as long as whole beans. Therefore we would always encourage our customers to purchase a grinder, we can offer advice and expertise in choosing the right one for you and your budget. 
we want to teach everyone that great coffee can be simple and enjoyed anywhere.