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Breakfast Menu 

Available from open until 11.30am



Sour dough or Low Gi Brown Toast with butter and preserves £3

House Made Croissant, Butter & Preserves £3


Eggs Benedict/ Florentine/ Royal

Sour dough toast, Ham, homemade hollandaise sauce. £ 8 


Breakfast Rolls, Fluffy morning Roll filled with your choice of bacon 4 rashers, house made sausage patty, 2 Katy's eggs.           £4.


Birdhouse bagel,

Stacked with Scottish smoked salmon & House Pickle £6.5 


 Eggs your way with sourdough Toast


Your choice of Eggs or Tofu, served with 2 slices of sour dough toast  £5.5. 


extras: Eggs, £1.  Bacon, £1.5  Sausage, £1.5  Gluten Free Bread, £1 Mushrooms,£1 roast cherry tom’s, £1 




Gluten Free Porridge,

Topped with seasonal fruit and cinnamon.  £5.


Cooked Breakfast £9

2 bacon, 2 Katy’s eggs, mushrooms, roast tomato, sausage patty, spinach, sourdough toast


Veggi Breakfast £8

 2 sausage, 2 Katy’s eggs, spinach, mushrooms, hash brown, roasted cherry tomatoes, 


Plant based breakfas. £8  


Classic Sandwiches 

Available from 11.30am


We also offer any of the following sandwiches both classics and grilled  as salads Just ask us. 


Classics Served on House Cut Brown Bloomer. Served with house salad and Crisps 


Egg mayo,

Boiled Eggs Bound in mayo with chives and Cucumber. £6


Deli Ham,

Dejionaise, lettuce, tomato, boiled egg. £7


Tuna Mayo, Tuna bound in mayo, chives, Dill Pickle. £7.5


BLT, on thick cut brown bread with Dijonaise  £7.5

Ham & chicken club, with lettuce 🥬, mayo, tomato 🍅 £7.5 













Toasted Sour dough Sandwiches Served with House Salad and Crisps 



Grilled Chicken & feta,

spinach and slow roast peppers. £8



Chicken and Chorizo,

Grilled chicken, Chorizo, Manchego cheese, slow roast tomato chipotle mayo.  £8


Feta red onion

hummus, Olives, roast pepper rocket.  £7.5


Grilled cheese

Strong cheddar, Gruyere, Gouda, Grilled to perfection. £7.5


Hummus Veggie, 

Roasted Tomato, Roasted Red Peppers, Spinach, Olives & Chipotle Dressing. £7.5


Italian Meat Feast,

Mozzarella, Olives, Tomato, Mixed Italian Meats £8


The  Mungo F,

Strong Cheddar, Pastrami, Chilli, Grilled Onion & Hot sauce £8


Chicken & Pastrami, 

Smoked Applewood cheese, Roast Chicken & Pastrami. £8


Chicken Katsu, 

Breaded Chicken, Katsu Mayo, House Pickles, iceberg £8




Lunch Plates 

Available From 12pm 


BIRDY BOWL , A Delicious bowl of mixed salads and grains, kimchi and pickles. £7

Add Katsu Chicken or Tofu, £3 


Sausage Rolls 

Served with salad and house pickles £5.5


Soup of the day 

served with bread or oatcakes £5