We are all about Great Coffee

Hi and Welcome to our First Blog Post. 

All About Great Coffee. 

Well yes we are. Did you Know that we are the only Coffee shop in Banchory that roasts its own coffee? 

Why? Well that one is an easy one. I'm Sure most will know that we were stuck in Australia at the start of the covid lockdown. Australia is one of the leading countries in the world for Coffee Quality and Barista Standards. Both of those things were acutely noticeable to us while we were there. 

This fuelled our passion I think more than we realised. When we arrived home we knew what we wanted to do, bring that quality and precision to Banchory. Stop making coffee that we wouldn't want to drink ourselves and invest in our equipment, training and Knowledge so that we can deliver exceptional products to you. To be at the forefront of our industries trends and techniques. 

Stay up to date with everything we are doing buy creating an account and ticking the marketing box and we will send out our blog posts full of helpful hints for home coffee making and exclusive cafe offers. 

Hope to see you all soon Much Love R&C